I’ve built businesses and products before. However, after an hour no-obligation meeting with Peter I realized that the way I need to build them in future requires more intelligent thought upfront in terms of the branding I want to project and live and the customers we want to attract. Knowing this and then putting an action plan in place, is what Peter does best. The highlights for me in terms of working with him is the professionalism, the clear thinking that he brings while still giving you full opportunity to question and disagree and the ability to work within my guidelines (I like to work remotely and only meet when we need to!). The Forge is a brand that we’ve built from scratch with Peter, and I have a good hunch that it will be successful based on the work that we’ve done already and the work we plan to do with his guidance over the next few years.


I will highly recommend working with Peter to achieve success with your ideas and business. I have learnt how to think about branding in a completely positive way and more importantly how to use it so that the business brings us greater fulfillment.

Oliver Nagaya (Owner)



The Forge (Medical Private Practice Services)