Profile colourHi, I am Peter Flemmer, lead marketing strategist and founder of Wild Dog Strategies. I started Wild Dog Strategies in 2009 after 7 years working in brand management in one of the biggest beer brand companies worldwide-SABMiller (now bought out by AB-InBev). My time there taught me many important marketing lessons and I gained some fantastic experience working with some of the top marketing brains worldwide. I also worked on a wide range of target markets, from the very poor, to the most wealthy, and gained great experience working on multi-national teams with exposure to international markets and trends.
However, my yearning to make a real difference within our borders led me to make a change and focus on SME’s, the real force that will help SA grow and develop into a better place for all, and so I brought my big business experience into Wild Dog Strategies. I love the challenges that working with SME’s brings -having to be really clever and crafty with budgets, dealing with powerful trade channel influencers and often teaching owners and staff about marketing and brands and watching the light bulb flick on in their minds as they realise the fundamentals of marketing and how this can change the way they interact with customers. Every day is a new challenge and a new learning for me, which is what I love.