Marketing Services

Why Wild Dog Strategies?

  • Building Skills vs. Consulting

Our aim is always to help clients to become great marketers themselves, not to be their outsourced marketing department. We’d love to upskill so many SME’s  that we work ourselves out of a job one day.

  • Big Business Thinking and Structures

Over 12 years experience with effective marketing structures and processes gained from marketing within blue-chip corporates is applied within your business sphere. Best experience and best processes produces best results. This is an advantage that your competitors are not using but priced at a level that you can afford.

  • Tailored to You

We use no “standardized” approaches or set templates, every marketing solution is tailored to your specific industry and establishing your winning marketing position within that.

  • Strategic Focus

We don’t believe in “patch” work or quick fixes, our strategies ensure you will have a distinct competitive advantage in your market which will set you apart and bring you increased business over the long term. We also believe in educating  clients in marketing strategy along the way, so that you can then take charge of your own destinies.

  • Thorough and Effective

Our approach of: Identify –Focus –Fetch, ensures that your marketing plan is robust and well thought out, before you spend marketing money. This makes you more efficient, effective and focused in your execution.

Marketing Services Offered:

  • Marketing Strategy Workshops with leadership teams
  • Market and Competitor Analysis and Market Research
  • Brand Positioning for Competitive Advantage
  • Brand identity and Guidelines (especially for franchises)
  • Customer Experience (Cx) Strategies
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Marketing Action Plans and Budgets
  • Advertising & Media Planning (Online, TV, Radio, Print)
  • Promotions and Events Planning
  • PR Strategy
  • Online and Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Content Strategies
  • Internal Marketing Campaigns (Staff and Stakeholders)
  • New Product/Service Launch Plans
  • NEW: Crisis Management Planning -planning for the unexpected!

Please contact us  -we look forward to discussing your needs in more detail with you!