Why do we let our clients set our fee?

So who are these crazy guys who don’t give a price but ask for a price instead? That’s right, it’s these Wild Dogs right here! Yes -we actually ask our clients to let us know what they are prepared to pay for our services.

You might think we get inundated with requests for full marketing strategies for just a hundred bucks -and we do, but the cinch is this -if we don’t see the value, we don’t have to take the job! Just as a client who doesn’t see value in our work doesn’t have to choose us.

By requesting a client to propose our fee, we can determine just how valuable our service is perceived by them (and how important it is to their business), and what effort and dedication we should be giving the job from our side.  This also automatically lets us know whether the client can afford our level of service. Of course, we can tone down the exact level of input if required to be flexible downwards, and increase the back-end input and effort to be flexible upwards, but the inherent quality of service (based on our knowledge and experience) will be of a certain level anyway, and put us in a certain price band. It’s then our call as to whether we “take on” a client at the proposed rate or not.

Sometimes, when things are quiet, or if it’s a really interesting job, we may actively choose to accept a slightly lower fee (though going TOO low will erode our own reputation and  brand equity), and conversely, when we are already busy or the job involves some really thorny items, we may not even accept a generous fee. This evidences true market dynamics at work and the temporal and personal aspects of value.

Through this pricing policy, both we and our clients are satisfied and happy with the exchange -they pay fair value and we receive our fair due.

This obviously works better for service offerings, but who knows, maybe we’ll all work like this some day?